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Liza Wolters

The first portrait I’ve made is of artist, photographer and producer Liza Wolters. When I see her work I often feel some kind of visual affinity. Her love for the ordinary, a glimpse of humour, stillness, important ingredients in the way I approach my designs. So what’s her story? Why does she show us the world the way she does? After spending a day together to create this portrait, with hardly a quiet moment, I’ve seen a glimpse of her.
​Curious? Read the article below to get to know this multi-talent. ​​

Liza / by Sanne Jansen

Liza Wolters (1992) is a young artist currently living in Rotterdam. She was born in Landgraaf, in the Southern part of the Netherlands, but stated she has never really felt at home anywhere. After spending the day and having an on-going conversation with her, I came to think it might have something to do with her abundance of energy. Maybe she has too much of it to actually feel at ease enough to stay in one place and feel at home, always curious and eager to find what else is out there.
Though she has her safe havens. Asking her how she turned out the way she is, open-minded and free spirited, she started talking about her mother and her grandparents. A couple of loving people that was ahead of their time. Back in the days her grandmother was a politician and her grandfather the housekeeper and personal driver of his wife. They dared to think for themselves and decide how they wanted to live, despite the comments or discontent of their surroundings. Their behaviour was refreshing and unique those days and actually still is for a lot of people. Liza, who was brought up by both her mother and her grandparents, was obviously positively influenced by that mindset. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and be her actual self. Though of course that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Being a young artist it’s pretty tough to find your way, especially if you are as versatile as Liza. Besides her love for the arts she has a big heart for helping others. Learning to say no is therefore on on-going process. To create your own work you need time and space, but if you’re also a talented photographer and producer, the phone doesn’t always keep quiet when you want it to. Managing time and projects is therefore quite a challenge. It’s a learning curve to create focus on her autonomous work. Like Liza says: “It looks like I really am growing up!”.

Liza’s work mainly focuses on the little things in life that you may not even notice. She wants her audience to see the world through her eyes by taking pictures and creating videos. She wants to share the astonishment, love or vexation that she runs into in daily life. This doesn’t just happen by capturing the moment, but especially in the way she transforms that moment. You will not just find her pictures put on a wall. Her pictures are often just the starting point. They can become objects, be placed in unexpected ways, or literally be stacked in a strangely shaped self-published book. No matter what shape or form, she wants her audience to experience her work.

Being a photographer these days is a very ambiguous thing, because everybody can and does take pictures. We are overwhelmed by huge amounts of images that are thrown at us on a daily base. Everybody with a phone is some sort of photographer. So what distinct you from the rest is a very relevant question. In Liza’s case it’s her ability to actually translate, communicate and share her personal astonishment. The images she creates catch my eye for their glimpses of humour, traces of tragedy or just the unexpected or unseen. Images I can relate to.


After spending the day with Liza I got to know a very enthusiastic and talented young woman that is trying her best to show the world her world. Equipped with a healthy dose of curiosity she is able to easily connect to people.  She shows a genuine interest in human behaviour and peoples beliefs and convictions. Her unbiased attitude helps her to really see the world, her world, a valuable quality for an artist, especially a photographer that wants to share the beauty of daily life.  Liza will have a solo exhibition coming up at Schunck in Heerlen at the end of November.

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