scenarios of desire II

The exhibition 'Scenarios of Desire II' (2019) at Emergent in Veurne offered another opportunity to collaborate with Bas van den Hurk and Jochem van Laarhoven. [...]


Sigrid Calon

Artist and friend Sigrid Calon was so kind to step in front of the camera for me and show one of our favourite sweaters. Have a look at the pictures and read her inspiring story. [...]


Liza Wolters

The first portrait I’ve made is of artist, photographer and producer Liza Wolters. When I see her work I often feel some kind of visual affinity. [...]

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de ratten, de riten en het ritme

De Ratten, de Riten en het Ritme (2019) was a piece of musical theatre by Lars Doberman performed at outdoor theatre festival Oerol in the Netherlands. [...]


support structures

Support Structures (2019) was an exhibition together with artists / friends Palko Peeters, Bas van den Hurk and Jochem van Laarhoven at Gallery Kokon in Tilburg celebrating friendship. [...]


one day show

One Day Show (2016) was a one-day exhibition together with Bas van den Hurk and Palko Peeters at Gallery Kokon in Tilburg celebrating friendship. 

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